Established Online Marketing Company with 15 years experience

SEO City is an Integrated Digital Marketing Agency. We focus on delivering clients the maximum return on investment online. We offer our six prime services through either standalone or integrated packages.

We work with clients of all sizes: from small sole traders to big multi-national organisations such as Sony and Motorola.
We work with all types of websites: eCommerce, Lead Generation and Information sites.
We are one of an elite group of Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer Partners.

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Our prime services are:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our world class ‘white hat’ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services are strategic and sustainable, delivering the optimum search engine positions and therefore return for your online investment. To Learn More follow this link: Search Engine Optimisation

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Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Our Google Adwords Professional accredited Pay per Click (PPC) team create and manage campaigns, focused on continual testing and campaign improvements. To Learn More follow this link: Pay Per Click Management

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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

The exciting CRO service tests the design of your website to make it generate more sales or enquiries. The Google Analytics and Google Website Optimiser accredited team deliver significant improvements to website conversions. To Learn More follow this link: Conversion Rate Optimisation

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HP Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

Our Social Media consultancy works in partnership with client teams, to maximise brand awareness through social channels.

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Design & Development

We design and develop simple and complex websites that are launched in a format ‘compliant to the requirements of all major search engines To Learn More follow this link: Design & Development

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Combined Internet Marketing

We take on multiple areas of your marketing activity to help take the weight of you To Learn More follow this link: Combined Internet Marketing

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Company History

In 1997, our founders formed a company to develop websites for a range of local businesses. Sue soon became curious about how some websites could be found in the ‘new’ search engines, such as Alta Vista, Lycos and Web Crawler (pre-Google and Yahoo!) and he set about researching how the search engine’s algorithms worked. This created a secondary service (SEO) and the process has continued to evolve over the years through continual research and development. SEO grew to become the prime service offering, with the company growing steadily through local small and medium businesses as clients, many of whom remain to this day.


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In 2010, SEO City created an ‘Operational Executive’ team and embarked upon a reorganisation of our services and team structure. This restructure has seen the business switching from a ‘service centric’ organisation with 6 separate service teams, to a ‘client centric’ one with teams of mixed disciplines. This provides a benefit for our clients, who have a single point of contact through an Account Manager, whose team have expertise to deliver any or all of the services we provide, be it Web Design/Development, SEO, Linking, PPC, SMO or CRO.

Many clients engage with us on all 6 services which is a totally integrated and successful approach to digital marketing that delivers the very best returns for their online investments. Our ROI model has been developed in partnership with clients, for whom, a recent survey showed that we deliver and average return of 29 times their investment in our services!


Currently, we have a total of 40 employees, 75% of whom have a technical background.

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