Our Approach

conversion rate optimisation

What would a 20% increase in business mean to you?

The HP Way to CRO Success is one of Research, Analysis and Testing, Testing Testing...

We will thoroughly research your business and your customers to ensure your site is delivering the right messages to ticks their boxes

We will create and test your web design and make your site easy for customers to use

Your conversion rate will improve.

How does SEO City ensure success?

To ensure success SEO City follows the proven thorough process below with clear deliverables. We will present you with a full report on each of these elements. These reports will both inform our test recommendations and also be useful for any other marketing activities you are engaged in. And of course we will test it! Test it! Test it! With every idea we generate.

What do I get for my money?

Most packages include 1 test per month.

All of our time is fully accountable and you will receive a monthly report on our progress.

  • CRO 1 – Technical Analysis
  • CRO 2 - Market Analysis
  • CRO 3 – Competitor Analysis
  • CRO 4 – Qualitative Analysis
  • CRO 5 – Test Recommendations

What results can I expect?

We expect at least a 5% increase in business as a result of our work. We consistently increase the amount of business through websites by 20%. We have even achieved increases as big as 82% on eCommerce websites. It does of course depend on how bad it is in the first place!

Can you work with B2B, B2C, eCommerce, Enquiry sites?

Yes, Yes, Yes! Any site with any purpose of any size.

My site does not get many visits can you still test it?

Yes! We have worked with sites that only have a few hundred visits per month and achieved superb results. It takes a little longer to accrue statistically accurate results but it still works. Note that we tailor our testing programme specifically for your site!

Can you work with our designers and developers?

Yes. Probably half of all CRO projects undertaken with SEO City use existing relationships with designers and developers. We provide them with a clear brief and help them with the technical set up of the tests. The other half use our experienced design and development team.

Is setting up a test complex and time consuming?

No. The set up of a test generally takes about an hour so if you choose to use your own developers you will probably only have to factor in one additional hour of their time. We offer free support on this and will liaise with your team throughout.

I’ve got lots of ideas. Can I pitch in?

Yes please! We welcome input from you and your team and will factor in all suggestions to your testing plan.

How much does it cost?

It’s free! Well, that is, we always make more money than our fee for you and you will always walk away with a better performing website – or your money back!

How much more money can you generate for me?

Try it here. Enter your details and see what an improvement it can make:

How do I know that SEO City know what they’re doing?

Check out our client testimonials here
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What is the difference between CRO, SEO, PPC and Social Media?

SEO, PPC and Social Media are all, broadly speaking, concerned with generating visits to your site. CRO is what happens next. Our CRO service will make sure that you make the most of all of the visits that you generate and that as many of them turn into business as is possible.