Innovative PPC


Pay-Per-Click (PPC), usually called Paid Search advertising levels the playing field for businesses of all types and sizes.

An Innovative Approach to PPC

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), usually called Paid Search advertising levels the playing field for businesses of all types and sizes. PPC is fast becoming the tool that people use to drive extra traffic to their websites, distribute information and, of course, sell their products and services.

At SEO City we have a team of expert PPC Account Mangers, qualified to run campaigns for some of the top brands in the UK. Each client has their own goals and expectations, ranging from online sales and lead generation to raising brand awareness.

Our teams run every facet of your Paid Search campaigns, starting with help and advice, from identifying which platforms are most appropriate for your business, through targeting a specific audience and achieving a healthy return on investment.

Through comprehensive keyword research relevant to your business we can show you the best route to achieving your goals, whether they be: visitor numbers, online enquiries or sales.

We’ll ensure that your advertising money is spent in the most effective way possible, giving you the opportunity to see a clear return on your investment.

All of our PPC work is built on sound keyword research and backed up by accurate and concise tracking methods. By giving priority to each of these areas we can ensure that all the decisions you make and any recommendations we put in front of you are backed up by statistics and solid facts.

Without thorough keyword research, which is bespoke to your business, you can never be sure you are focusing on the areas that will most benefit the sale or promotion of your products or services. Without the necessary tracking in place to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your Paid Search campaigns, you will never have the information you need to make informed and positive changes.

At SEO City we believe that PPC management doesn’t end when we deliver potential clients to your website.

All of our PPC Account Managers are trained to interpret and use the information generated via PPC work, including Google Analytics. In this respect we stand out from the crowd. Based on the Paid Search results we achieve, we can identify weaknesses and strengths in the overall business plan and delivery methods which can then be addressed. This can in turn lead to improvements in website content and design and SEO strategy as well as having relevance to any Paid Search work. PPC can answer lots of questions very quickly.

We will even give you a Free PPC Health Check to analyse your existing PPC campaigns and give you an instant assessment, just call us today and ask to talk with one of our PPC account managers.