Reputation Management

Our reputation management service is secure, private and locked down, the contact form on this page will go ONLY to our ‘Director of Reputation Management’, in addition we offer a service that covers bug sweeping and covert monitoring for those most sensitive cases to ensure there are no leaks. Even the billing can be confidentially managed so there is no risk to those seeking anonymity in this area.

Make no mistake this is as discreet and secure a service that it is possible to deploy – especially for Pre-emptive reputation management for those who feel there is potential to be targeted by the media.

Never has reputation management been more important and the latest high profile cases have seen reputations destroyed online and in the media for both celebrities, professional people and politicians as well as facilities such as wildlife parks and amusement parks. For a number of years SEO City has been quietly managing the reputations online in the most sensitive of areas and the result is that a lot of adverse news and publicity has been managed out of the spotlight by our reputation management service.

Reputation Protection using Google, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and Blogs

With the media’s drive towards pushing bad publicity online through Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and especially into Google it is now very easy to get your reputation smeared and for that bad publicity to hang around for years. Google especially has a hunger for new news and greedily absorbs this from a variety of online sources, especially blogs and news feeds, Google has a system that will naturally offer this information in search results and will also hang on to these results for a long time.

Pre-Emptive Reputation Management

It is possible to suppress the bad publicity online and the SEO City have been doing this for years and are very successful at reputation management and reputation protection. In fact it is quite possible for people who feel they are vulnerable to protect their reputation before news breaks or before the potential for adverse publicity to be aired online.

Reputation Protection

Reputation protection is really an extension of brand protection. For many years brand protection has been quietly practiced by HP Group, a discreet service that protects our clients brands.

It could be argued that reputation protection is simply the protection of the personal brand of an individual. In fact, there are some individuals we have worked for that are financially larger than companies that have used the service for brand protection.

Of course, the growing media coverage has put reputation management into the spotlight where it will continue to be regularly analysed in the press, TV and radio. In fact SEO City has been quoted in papers such as the Sunday Times on a regular basis as celebrities increasingly use this type of service to look after their online reputations.

Reputation Protection with Discretion

Of course our client service is completely discreet and confidential and never has a client using our service been compromised in any way. That said, we can easily see where reputation protection has been used by a company or individual and have seen some real blunders by companies offering this service who are getting it completely wrong often due to a lack of understanding in relation to search engines and how they work.

Non disclosure documents should be considered for any high profile client or company. This is one area where many people have come unstuck and the spotlight has then been placed on their online profile due to a careless or unscrupulous agency.

Software and Reputation Protection

In fact, we have even seen software solutions peddled out to unsuspecting people and companies and the reality is that to provide a professional and successful service there needs to be an absolute expertise in the principles of search engine optimisation and an understanding of what makes search engines tick.

Since SEO City are the leading exponents of search engine compliancy and a market leader in search engine optimisation it is no surprise that we are so successful with reputation protection and brand protection solutions.

It is a long established fact that software cannot be used for search engine optimisation and that is because it is bespoke and evolving. This is the same with reputation and brand protection which of course uses the techniques from SEO. Whilst software can be used to track bad publicity it cannot be used for solving the visibility of this bad publicity.

Brand Management and Protection

Of course they are one and the same. The service that has been established for a few years was called brand management or brand protection and this has now taken on the name of reputation protection. It is the realisation by 'high networth' individuals that their bad publicity can be managed on the internet that has created this new fashionable name.

Traditionally brand management was used to deliver good news to counter bad news, for example a pharmaceutical company could offset bad news headlines by using this service to promote good news or counter statements.

Social Networking and Brand Management

As the internet grew and social networking sites have become popular, the potential for bad news to spread fast has increased. In addition, because Google and other search facilities visit and index the social networks the bad publicity quickly finds itself replicated in search results.

The popularity of blogs has compounded the problem, especially since blogs are predominantly text based which search engines love. Often this type of reputation damage is sticky due to the favourable relationship between blogs and search engine spiders. This has driven the need for a very tactical and evolutionary service to enable this type of damage to be swept clean.

Choosing a Professional Solution

When trying to decide on a brand and reputation protection agency there are a number of very important criteria that should be met.

  • Is the agency a market leader in search engine optimisation.
  • Is the agency listed in natural search for 'search engine optimisation'.
  • How long have they been successful.
  • Do they talk openly about the service or hide behind secrecy.
  • Is it a bespoke service and NOT a software solution.
  • Are they willing to work and monitor for a 12 month period after the solution,

Do not be fooled by companies who are jumping on the reputation protection bandwagon. It is imperative that a company is chosen who can prove they have an industry leading track record of success in search engine optimisation. This is because a professional and successful protection service will incorporate much of the same expertise.

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