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Award winning SEO services that deliver more traffic and more customers

Improve Your Search Visibility and Revenue with HP Group

  • We understand your business
  • We have specialist SME & Brand focused teams
  • We build our campaigns around your business model & objectives
  • We make you more money online
  • We work to specific objectives
  • We raise your profile online

Packages to suit
your business:

Price £400 Per month
  • FLAT FEE packages from £400pm
  • PERFORMANCE BASED Packages available
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  • Traffic increases of up to 122%
    on a monthly basis

  • Massive Growth in business from small shop to
    huge warehouse

What is SEO?

See why SEO should be the cornerstone of your marketing activities.

Our Approach To SEO

Discover how our unique approach to SEO will help you achieve your business goals.

Our SEO Clients

Check out a selection of the fantastic clients we serve. Most of our clients are small and mid-sized companies, here you’ll see some of our most well known brands.

Case Studies

Take a look at some real world examples of how our passion for SEO is driving huge results for our clients.

SEO services

SEO is the lynchpin of your internet marketing strategy, and remains the most cost effective way of finding your customers online. 13 years of integrated SEO services for every sector of the economy puts us in a strong position to deliver real return on investment for your company, no matter if it's large, small or somewhere in between.

Technical expertise is a must – and we have that – but what really sets us apart is our ability to assimilate your existing online marketing strategy and ensure it gains full voice within search. Equally, if your online strategy is not fully formed, we make it our business to understand your company and your customers – so we can develop a strategy in unison with you and your team: A strategy that delivers you more customers and more revenue.