SEO Case Study: Sony Europe

SEO City Ltd.’s Project for the 34 Websites of Sony Europe

About Sony Europe

Sony Europe comprises of 34 European territories that markets the Sony brands. Each market has its own marketing team with a website in local language.

Service provided: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The challenge

To optimise 34 websites, each in local language, represents a large challenge. However, SEO City developed a winning strategy based on turning into a ‘search compliant website’ and then rolling the embedded technologies to the remaining territory websites.

The results

Visitor levels, history and progression:

Traffic from search engine optimisation was growing organically at 4.4% average per month ahead of the project starting. Following the initial on-page work to that was added to the website by Sony in October, the site enjoyed search traffic increases of 97% in November 2008, 122% in December 2008 and 103% in January 2009.