Open Source Advantages

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Open Source Advantages

Lower Cost
– don’t reinvent the wheel. Spend your budget on the bits that will really make a difference to your customers’ site-experience rather than on re-inventing the base architecture. That will mean that a higher spec website can be built for a cheaper overall cost.

Right to Modify
- availability of the source code and the right to modify it is very important. It enables potentially unlimited tuning and improvement of a software product.

Large Development Population Pool
- No inflexible commercial tie-ins so the commercial risk to your business is lessened. Unlike other companies that insist upon you using their proprietary software if we build your site for you it means that you can move this site anywhere you like. We don’t base our prices on the foundation of having clients ‘locked-in’ to us for the rest of the lifetime of the site.

- Source code availability also makes it much easier to isolate bugs, and (for a programmer) to fix them. This, combined with redistribution rights, ensures a large population of users, which helps in turn to build up a market for support and customisation of the software, which can only attract more and more developers to work in the project. This in turn helps to improve the quality of the product, and to improve its functionality.

Extendable Functionality
- There is no single entity on which the future of the software depends. It is always possible to find another software group to continue the maintenance and improvement, without either legal or practical limitations mitigating any commercial risk to your site.

- Usually open source software is delivered 'when it is ready', and when the development team feels that its quality is good enough. This means that software usually does not need as many 'service packs', updates and such, reducing the maintenance cost