Project Scoping

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Project Scoping

If you want us to deliver to your specification, timescale and budget then you need to tell us what these are. One of the things that makes our design and development skills so successful is the certain knowledge that the first step in any successful web development project is to have the requirements clearly stated and understood by everyone involved right at the beginning – so, tell us about what you want to do and why you want to do it.

Just got the germ of an idea and want it working up?

Sometimes we start speaking to people about their plans and because they’ve just got the very initial thoughts we help them create their vision from scratch. If this is the case then we can still help you. Perhaps you even want to be able to compare our prices and timescales against other competitors and need a full site specification to help you do this.

Not a problem! We offer a service whereby we work with you to document all of your requirements, working with your team and identifying opportunities for site functionality. For a small upfront fee, which would be redeemable against the full project fee if you choose us as your development agency, our project team here will pull together a professional written scoping document for you. This document is then yours to use as you choose, so you’re under no obligation to use us, but we seriously hope that you will do and so the cost of the scoping session would be taken off the project price.

The Scoping Process means you will get:

  • A full and final fixed price based upon the agreed and detailed specification
  • A standardised brief that you can use to get other agencies to quote against so that your supplier selection process is always comparing like with like.
  • Ensure that all requirements are included and have the confidence that your budget won’t suffer from ‘unseen’ expenses or scope creep related expenses.
  • Have a clear set of deliverables against which to confirm that, yes, what you wanted has been delivered!

The Scoping Sessions and documentation include

  • As-Is Analysis work covering:
    • What your current site does and how it works
    • What your current site does badly and what you’d like to improve
    • What your current site processes are for capturing online enquiries/orders and how this maps to your current business operational processes
    • What system integration, if any, is required
    • What new functionality you require
  • Wireframe/Design Mock-Up
    • This will be worked up from our initial research and understanding of the project requirements. It’s a critical point of the project scoping and will give you a skeletal view of how the site will be laid out and the functionality points available to your customers.
  • Estimated Project Timescale – a nice Gannt Chart showing the following
    • Start date of project
    • Key milestones within the project
    • Key dependencies of tasks within the project
    • Role responsibilities of the project team (including your team members)
    • When the project can go-live
  • A Fixed Price – based upon all of the above.

Interested? Get in touch now and start telling us about your exciting plans