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SEO City Design & Development

We’re very proud of our design capabilities here at HP Group– and that’s not just us being bigheaded. The judges at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2010 thought we were pretty good too and named us the winner of the Web Developer of the Year category!

Established over a decade ago, SEO City is one of the premier SEM agencies in Europe and has the skills and organisation necessary to ensure you can accomplish your online goals. All of our work is underpinned with our values of passion, discipline and integration. These three things drive us and are at the heart of all our client projects. Our delivery of tangible, focused business value is based on deep technical expertise that means we can fearlessly approach the most complex of website and software development projects

We build websites that have optimisation at their core (why waste your time and money if they don’t!) and that are proven to convert into sales or enquiries. Together with our three main competencies that are highly integrated to ensure that we make the highest and best use of your resources:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Test driven, ROI based search engine advertising (PPC)
  • Landing page optimisation (CRO)

These are the three ‘pistons’ that drive the SEO City Value Engine™. No other agency in Europe has these three competencies wrapped up in such a highly integrated organisation and fortified with a flexibility of approach and rigour of discipline that ensures that we are able to ‘carry the weight’ of your website design project.